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commit-tree: do not pay attention to commit.gpgsign
ba3c69a9 (commit: teach --gpg-sign option, 2011-10-05) introduced a "signed commit" by teaching the --[no]-gpg-sign option and the commit.gpgsign configuration variable to various commands that create commits. Teaching these to "git commit" and "git merge", both of which are end-user facing Porcelain commands, was perfectly fine. Allowing the plumbing "git commit-tree" to suddenly change the behaviour to surprise the scripts by paying attention to commit.gpgsign was not. Among the in-tree scripts, filter-branch, quiltimport, rebase and stash are the commands that run "commit-tree". If any of these wants to allow users to always sign every single commit, they should offer their own configuration (e.g. "filterBranch.gpgsign") with an option to disable signing (e.g. "git filter-branch --no-gpgsign"). Ignoring commit.gpgsign option _obviously_ breaks the backward compatibility, but it is easy to follow the standard pattern in scripts to honor whatever configuration variable they choose to follow. E.g. case $(git config --bool commit.gpgsign) in true) sign=-S ;; *) sign= ;; esac && git commit-tree $sign ...whatever other args... Do so to make sure that "git rebase" keeps paying attention to the configuration variable, which unfortunately is a documented mistake. Helped-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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GPG-sign commit.
- Countermand `commit.gpgSign` configuration variable that is
- set to force each and every commit to be signed.
+ Do not GPG-sign commit, to countermand a `--gpg-sign` option
+ given earlier on the command line.
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