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Merge branch 'jc/commit-tree-ignore-commit-gpgsign'
"git commit-tree" plumbing command required the user to always sign its result when the user sets the commit.gpgsign configuration variable, which was an ancient mistake. Rework "git rebase" that relied on this mistake so that it reads commit.gpgsign and pass (or not pass) the -S option to "git commit-tree" to keep the end-user expectation the same, while teaching "git commit-tree" to ignore the configuration variable. This will stop requiring the users to sign commit objects used internally as an implementation detail of "git stash". * jc/commit-tree-ignore-commit-gpgsign: commit-tree: do not pay attention to commit.gpgsign
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stuck to the option without a space.
- Countermand `commit.gpgSign` configuration variable that is
- set to force each and every commit to be signed.
+ Do not GPG-sign commit, to countermand a `--gpg-sign` option
+ given earlier on the command line.
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