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@@ -127,9 +127,13 @@ the conflicted merge in the specified paths.
Name for the new branch.
+ Tree to checkout from (when paths are given). If not specified,
+ the index will be used.
- Branch to checkout; may be any object ID that resolves to a
- commit. Defaults to HEAD.
+ Branch to checkout (when no paths are given); may be any object
+ ID that resolves to a commit. Defaults to HEAD.
When this parameter names a non-branch (but still a valid commit object),
your HEAD becomes 'detached'.
@@ -187,8 +191,8 @@ $ git checkout hello.c <3>
<1> switch branch
-<2> take out a file out of other commit
-<3> restore hello.c from HEAD of current branch
+<2> take a file out of another commit
+<3> restore hello.c from the index
If you have an unfortunate branch that is named `hello.c`, this
step would be confused as an instruction to switch to that branch.