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Merge branch 'jc/better-conflict-resolution'
* jc/better-conflict-resolution: Fix AsciiDoc errors in merge documentation git-merge documentation: describe how conflict is presented checkout --conflict=<style>: recreate merge in a non-default style checkout -m: recreate merge when checking out of unmerged index git-merge-recursive: learn to honor merge.conflictstyle merge.conflictstyle: choose between "merge" and "diff3 -m" styles rerere: understand "diff3 -m" style conflicts with the original rerere.c: use symbolic constants to keep track of parsing states xmerge.c: "diff3 -m" style clips merge reduction level to EAGER or less xmerge.c: minimum readability fixups xdiff-merge: optionally show conflicts in "diff3 -m" style xdl_fill_merge_buffer(): separate out a too deeply nested function checkout --ours/--theirs: allow checking out one side of a conflicting merge checkout -f: allow ignoring unmerged paths when checking out of the index Conflicts: Documentation/git-checkout.txt builtin-checkout.c builtin-merge-recursive.c t/
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git checkout' [-q] [-f] [--track | --no-track] [-b <new_branch> [-l]] [-m] [<branch>]
-'git checkout' [<tree-ish>] [--] <paths>...
+'git checkout' [-f|--ours|--theirs|-m|--conflict=<style>] [<tree-ish>] [--] <paths>...
@@ -27,14 +27,20 @@ the first namespace level.
When <paths> are given, this command does *not* switch
branches. It updates the named paths in the working tree from
-the index file (i.e. it runs `git checkout-index -f -u`), or
-from a named commit. In
-this case, the `-f` and `-b` options are meaningless and giving
+the index file, or from a named commit. In
+this case, the `-b` options is meaningless and giving
either of them results in an error. <tree-ish> argument can be
used to specify a specific tree-ish (i.e. commit, tag or tree)
to update the index for the given paths before updating the
working tree.
+The index may contain unmerged entries after a failed merge. By
+default, if you try to check out such an entry from the index, the
+checkout operation will fail and nothing will be checked out.
+Using -f will ignore these unmerged entries. The contents from a
+specific side of the merge can be checked out of the index by
+using --ours or --theirs. With -m, changes made to the working tree
+file can be discarded to recreate the original conflicted merge result.
@@ -42,8 +48,17 @@ OPTIONS
Quiet, suppress feedback messages.
- Proceed even if the index or the working tree differs
- from HEAD. This is used to throw away local changes.
+ When switching branches, proceed even if the index or the
+ working tree differs from HEAD. This is used to throw away
+ local changes.
+When checking out paths from the index, do not fail upon unmerged
+entries; instead, unmerged entries are ignored.
+ When checking out paths from the index, check out stage #2
+ ('ours') or #3 ('theirs') for unmerged paths.
Create a new branch named <new_branch> and start it at
@@ -84,7 +99,9 @@ exlicitly give a name with '-b' in such a case.
based sha1 expressions such as "<branchname>@\{yesterday}".
- If you have local modifications to one or more files that
+ When switching branches,
+ if you have local modifications to one or more files that
are different between the current branch and the branch to
which you are switching, the command refuses to switch
branches in order to preserve your modifications in context.
@@ -96,6 +113,16 @@ When a merge conflict happens, the index entries for conflicting
paths are left unmerged, and you need to resolve the conflicts
and mark the resolved paths with `git add` (or `git rm` if the merge
should result in deletion of the path).
+When checking out paths from the index, this option lets you recreate
+the conflicted merge in the specified paths.
+ The same as --merge option above, but changes the way the
+ conflicting hunks are presented, overriding the
+ merge.conflictstyle configuration variable. Possible values are
+ "merge" (default) and "diff3" (in addition to what is shown by
+ "merge" style, shows the original contents).
Name for the new branch.