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Merge branch 'nd/checkout-disambiguation'
"git checkout <word>" does not follow the usual disambiguation rules when the <word> can be both a rev and a path, to allow checking out a branch 'foo' in a project that happens to have a file 'foo' in the working tree without having to disambiguate. This was poorly documented and the check was incorrect when the command was run from a subdirectory. * nd/checkout-disambiguation: checkout: fix ambiguity check in subdir checkout.txt: document a common case that ignores ambiguation rules checkout: add some spaces between code and comment
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+When there is only one argument given and it is not `--` (e.g. "git
+checkout abc"), and when the argument is both a valid `<tree-ish>`
+(e.g. a branch "abc" exists) and a valid `<pathspec>` (e.g. a file
+or a directory whose name is "abc" exists), Git would usually ask
+you to disambiguate. Because checking out a branch is so common an
+operation, however, "git checkout abc" takes "abc" as a `<tree-ish>`
+in such a situation. Use `git checkout -- <pathspec>` if you want
+to checkout these paths out of the index.