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* sp/checkout: Add --temp and --stage=all options to checkout-index.
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@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git-checkout-index' [-u] [-q] [-a] [-f] [-n] [--prefix=<string>]
- [--stage=<number>]
+ [--stage=<number>|all]
+ [--temp]
[-z] [--stdin]
[--] [<file>]\*
@@ -43,9 +44,15 @@ OPTIONS
When creating files, prepend <string> (usually a directory
including a trailing /)
Instead of checking out unmerged entries, copy out the
files from named stage. <number> must be between 1 and 3.
+ Note: --stage=all automatically implies --temp.
+ Instead of copying the files to the working directory
+ write the content to temporary files. The temporary name
+ associations will be written to stdout.
Instead of taking list of paths from the command line,
@@ -87,6 +94,46 @@ it will prevent problems with a filename of, for example, `-a`.
Using `--` is probably a good policy in scripts.
+Using --temp or --stage=all
+When `--temp` is used (or implied by `--stage=all`)
+`git-checkout-index` will create a temporary file for each index
+entry being checked out. The index will not be updated with stat
+information. These options can be useful if the caller needs all
+stages of all unmerged entries so that the unmerged files can be
+processed by an external merge tool.
+A listing will be written to stdout providing the association of
+temporary file names to tracked path names. The listing format
+has two variations:
+ . tempname TAB path RS
+The first format is what gets used when `--stage` is omitted or
+is not `--stage=all`. The field tempname is the temporary file
+name holding the file content and path is the tracked path name in
+the index. Only the requested entries are output.
+ . stage1temp SP stage2temp SP stage3tmp TAB path RS
+The second format is what gets used when `--stage=all`. The three
+stage temporary fields (stage1temp, stage2temp, stage3temp) list the
+name of the temporary file if there is a stage entry in the index
+or `.` if there is no stage entry. Paths which only have a stage 0
+entry will always be omitted from the output.
+In both formats RS (the record separator) is newline by default
+but will be the null byte if -z was passed on the command line.
+The temporary file names are always safe strings; they will never
+contain directory separators or whitespace characters. The path
+field is always relative to the current directory and the temporary
+file names are always relative to the top level directory.
+If the object being copied out to a temporary file is a symbolic
+link the content of the link will be written to a normal file. It is
+up to the end-user or the Porcelain to make use of this information.
To update and refresh only the files already checked out::