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Forbid pattern maching characters in refnames.
by marking '?', '*', and '[' as bad_ref_char(). Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -26,13 +26,15 @@ imposes the following rules on how refs are named:
. It cannot have ASCII control character (i.e. bytes whose
values are lower than \040, or \177 `DEL`), space, tilde `~`,
- caret `{caret}`, or colon `:` anywhere;
+ caret `{caret}`, colon `:`, question-mark `?`, asterisk `*`,
+ or open bracket `[` anywhere;
. It cannot end with a slash `/`.
These rules makes it easy for shell script based tools to parse
-refnames, and also avoids ambiguities in certain refname
-expressions (see gitlink:git-rev-parse[1]). Namely:
+refnames, pathname expansion by the shell when a refname is used
+unquoted (by mistake), and also avoids ambiguities in certain
+refname expressions (see gitlink:git-rev-parse[1]). Namely:
. double-dot `..` are often used as in `ref1..ref2`, and in some
context this notation means `{caret}ref1 ref2` (i.e. not in