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Merge branch 'nd/switch-and-restore'
Two new commands "git switch" and "git restore" are introduced to split "checking out a branch to work on advancing its history" and "checking out paths out of the index and/or a tree-ish to work on advancing the current history" out of the single "git checkout" command. * nd/switch-and-restore: (46 commits) completion: disable dwim on "git switch -d" switch: allow to switch in the middle of bisect t2027: use test_must_be_empty Declare both git-switch and git-restore experimental help: move git-diff and git-reset to different groups doc: promote "git restore" user-manual.txt: prefer 'merge --abort' over 'reset --hard' completion: support restore t: add tests for restore restore: support --patch restore: replace --force with --ignore-unmerged restore: default to --source=HEAD when only --staged is specified restore: reject invalid combinations with --staged restore: add --worktree and --staged checkout: factor out worktree checkout code restore: disable overlay mode by default restore: make pathspec mandatory restore: take tree-ish from --source option instead checkout: split part of it to new command 'restore' doc: promote "git switch" ...
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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ can leave out at most one of `A` and `B`, in which case it defaults to
Note that this will create the new branch, but it will not switch the
-working tree to it; use "git checkout <newbranch>" to switch to the
+working tree to it; use "git switch <newbranch>" to switch to the
new branch.
When a local branch is started off a remote-tracking branch, Git sets up the
@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ This option is only applicable in non-verbose mode.
This behavior is the default when the start point is a remote-tracking branch.
Set the branch.autoSetupMerge configuration variable to `false` if you
-want `git checkout` and `git branch` to always behave as if `--no-track`
+want `git switch`, `git checkout` and `git branch` to always behave as if `--no-track`
were given. Set it to `always` if you want this behavior when the
start-point is either a local or remote-tracking branch.
@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ Start development from a known tag::
$ git clone git:// my2.6
$ cd my2.6
$ git branch my2.6.14 v2.6.14 <1>
-$ git checkout my2.6.14
+$ git switch my2.6.14
<1> This step and the next one could be combined into a single step with
@@ -350,9 +350,9 @@ Patterns will normally need quoting.
-If you are creating a branch that you want to checkout immediately, it is
-easier to use the git checkout command with its `-b` option to create
-a branch and check it out with a single command.
+If you are creating a branch that you want to switch to immediately,
+it is easier to use the "git switch" command with its `-c` option to
+do the same thing with a single command.
The options `--contains`, `--no-contains`, `--merged` and `--no-merged`
serve four related but different purposes: