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branch: update output to include worktree info
The output of git branch is modified to mark branches checked out in a linked worktree with a "+" and color them in cyan (in contrast to the current branch, which will still be denoted with a "*" and colored in green) This is meant to communicate to the user that the branches that are marked or colored will behave differently from other branches if the user attempts to check them out or delete them, since branches checked out in another worktree cannot be checked out or deleted. Signed-off-by: Nickolai Belakovski <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -26,8 +26,10 @@ DESCRIPTION
If `--list` is given, or if there are no non-option arguments, existing
-branches are listed; the current branch will be highlighted with an
-asterisk. Option `-r` causes the remote-tracking branches to be listed,
+branches are listed; the current branch will be highlighted in green and
+marked with an asterisk. Any branches checked out in linked worktrees will
+be highlighted in cyan and marked with a plus sign. Option `-r` causes the
+remote-tracking branches to be listed,
and option `-a` shows both local and remote branches. If a `<pattern>`
is given, it is used as a shell wildcard to restrict the output to
matching branches. If multiple patterns are given, a branch is shown if