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Merge branch 'nb/branch-show-other-worktrees-head'
"git branch --list" learned to show branches that are checked out in other worktrees connected to the same repository prefixed with '+', similar to the way the currently checked out branch is shown with '*' in front. * nb/branch-show-other-worktrees-head: branch: add worktree info on verbose output branch: update output to include worktree info ref-filter: add worktreepath atom
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@@ -26,8 +26,10 @@ DESCRIPTION
If `--list` is given, or if there are no non-option arguments, existing
-branches are listed; the current branch will be highlighted with an
-asterisk. Option `-r` causes the remote-tracking branches to be listed,
+branches are listed; the current branch will be highlighted in green and
+marked with an asterisk. Any branches checked out in linked worktrees will
+be highlighted in cyan and marked with a plus sign. Option `-r` causes the
+remote-tracking branches to be listed,
and option `-a` shows both local and remote branches. If a `<pattern>`
is given, it is used as a shell wildcard to restrict the output to
matching branches. If multiple patterns are given, a branch is shown if
@@ -174,8 +176,10 @@ This option is only applicable in non-verbose mode.
When in list mode,
show sha1 and commit subject line for each head, along with
relationship to upstream branch (if any). If given twice, print
- the name of the upstream branch, as well (see also `git remote
- show <remote>`).
+ the path of the linked worktree (if any) and the name of the upstream
+ branch, as well (see also `git remote show <remote>`). Note that the
+ current worktree's HEAD will not have its path printed (it will always
+ be your current directory).