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Merge branch 'dl/branch-from-3dot-merge-base'
"git branch new A...B" and "git checkout -b new A...B" have been taught that in their contexts, the notation A...B means "the merge base between these two commits", just like "git checkout A...B" detaches HEAD at that commit. * dl/branch-from-3dot-merge-base: branch: make create_branch accept a merge base rev t2018: cleanup in current test
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The command's second form creates a new branch head named <branchname>
-which points to the current `HEAD`, or <start-point> if given.
+which points to the current `HEAD`, or <start-point> if given. As a
+special case, for <start-point>, you may use `"A...B"` as a shortcut for
+the merge base of `A` and `B` if there is exactly one merge base. You
+can leave out at most one of `A` and `B`, in which case it defaults to
Note that this will create the new branch, but it will not switch the
working tree to it; use "git checkout <newbranch>" to switch to the