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Documentation: typofix --column description
f4ed0af6 (Merge branch 'nd/columns', 2012-05-03) brought in three cut-and-pasted copies of malformatted descriptions. Let's fix them all the same way by marking the configuration variable names up as monospace just like the command line option `--column` is typeset. While we are at it, correct a missing space after the full stop that ends the sentence. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Display branch listing in columns. See configuration variable
- column.branch for option syntax.`--column` and `--no-column`
+ `column.branch` for option syntax. `--column` and `--no-column`
without options are equivalent to 'always' and 'never' respectively.
This option is only applicable in non-verbose mode.