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Bisect run: "skip" current commit if script exit code is 125.
This is incompatible with previous versions because an exit code of 125 used to mark current commit as "bad". But hopefully this exit code is not much used by test scripts or other programs. (126 and 127 are used by POSIX compliant shells to mean "found but not executable" and "command not found", respectively.) Signed-off-by: Christian Couder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -182,14 +182,18 @@ $ git bisect run my_script
Note that the "run" script (`my_script` in the above example) should
-exit with code 0 in case the current source code is good and with a
-code between 1 and 127 (included) in case the current source code is
+exit with code 0 in case the current source code is good. Exit with a
+code between 1 and 127 (inclusive), except 125, if the current
+source code is bad.
Any other exit code will abort the automatic bisect process. (A
program that does "exit(-1)" leaves $? = 255, see exit(3) manual page,
the value is chopped with "& 0377".)
+The special exit code 125 should be used when the current source code
+cannot be tested. If the "run" script exits with this code, the current
+revision will be skipped, see `git bisect skip` above.
You may often find that during bisect you want to have near-constant
tweaks (e.g., s/#define DEBUG 0/#define DEBUG 1/ in a header file, or
"revision that does not have this commit needs this patch applied to