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Documentation: bisect: "start" accepts one bad and many good commits
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The command takes various subcommands, and different options depending
on the subcommand:
- git bisect start [<paths>...]
+ git bisect start [<bad> [<good>...]] [--] [<paths>...]
git bisect bad <rev>
git bisect good <rev>
git bisect reset [<branch>]
@@ -134,15 +134,26 @@ $ git reset --hard HEAD~3 # try 3 revs before what
Then compile and test the one you chose to try. After that, tell
bisect what the result was as usual.
-Cutting down bisection by giving path parameter to bisect start
+Cutting down bisection by giving more parameters to bisect start
You can further cut down the number of trials if you know what part of
the tree is involved in the problem you are tracking down, by giving
paths parameters when you say `bisect start`, like this:
-$ git bisect start arch/i386 include/asm-i386
+$ git bisect start -- arch/i386 include/asm-i386
+If you know beforehand more than one good commits, you can narrow the
+bisect space down without doing the whole tree checkout every time you
+give good commits. You give the bad revision immediately after `start`
+and then you give all the good revisions you have:
+$ git bisect start v2.6.20-rc6 v2.6.20-rc4 v2.6.20-rc1 --
+ # v2.6.20-rc6 is bad
+ # v2.6.20-rc4 and v2.6.20-rc1 are good
Bisect run