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git-bisect visualize: work in non-windowed environments better
This teaches "git bisect visualize" to be more useful in non-windowed environments. (1) When no option is given, and $DISPLAY is set, it continues to spawn gitk as before; (2) When no option is given, and $DISPLAY is unset, "git log" is run to show the range of commits between the bad one and the good ones; (3) If only "-flag" options are given, "git log <options>" is run. E.g. "git bisect visualize --stat" (4) Otherwise, all of the given options are taken as the initial part of the command line and the commit range expression is given to that command. E.g. "git bisect visualize tig" will run "tig" history viewer to show between the bad one and the good ones. As "visualize" is a bit too long to type, we also give it a shorter synonym "view". Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -92,7 +92,16 @@ During the bisection process, you can say
$ git bisect visualize
-to see the currently remaining suspects in `gitk`.
+to see the currently remaining suspects in `gitk`. `visualize` is a bit
+too long to type and `view` is provided as a synonym.
+If `DISPLAY` environment variable is not set, `git log` is used
+instead. You can even give command line options such as `-p` and
+$ git bisect view --stat
Bisect log and bisect replay