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Add git-archive
git-archive is a command to make TAR and ZIP archives of a git tree. It helps prevent a proliferation of git-{format}-tree commands. Instead of directly calling git-{tar,zip}-tree command, it defines a very simple API, that archiver should implement and register in "git-archive.c". This API is made up by 2 functions whose prototype is defined in "archive.h" file. - The first one is used to parse 'extra' parameters which have signification only for the specific archiver. That would allow different archive backends to have different kind of options. - The second one is used to ask to an archive backend to build the archive given some already resolved parameters. The main reason for making this API is to avoid using git-{tar,zip}-tree commands, hence making them useless. Maybe it's time for them to die ? It also implements remote operations by defining a very simple protocol: it first sends the name of the specific uploader followed the repository name (git-upload-tar git:// Then it sends options. It's done by sending a sequence of one argument per packet, with prefix "argument ", followed by a flush. The remote protocol is implemented in "git-archive.c" for client side and is triggered by "--remote=<repo>" option. For example, to fetch a TAR archive in a remote repo, you can issue: $ git archive --format=tar --remote=git://xxx/yyy/zzz.git HEAD We choose to not make a new command "git-fetch-archive" for example, avoind one more GIT command which should be nice for users (less commands to remember, keeps existing --remote option). Signed-off-by: Franck Bui-Huu <> Acked-by: Rene Scharfe <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+git-archive - Creates a archive of the files in the named tree
+'git-archive' --format=<fmt> [--list] [--prefix=<prefix>/] [<extra>]
+ [--remote=<repo>] <tree-ish> [path...]
+Creates an archive of the specified format containing the tree
+structure for the named tree. If <prefix> is specified it is
+prepended to the filenames in the archive.
+'git-archive' behaves differently when given a tree ID versus when
+given a commit ID or tag ID. In the first case the current time is
+used as modification time of each file in the archive. In the latter
+case the commit time as recorded in the referenced commit object is
+used instead. Additionally the commit ID is stored in a global
+extended pax header if the tar format is used; it can be extracted
+using 'git-get-tar-commit-id'. In ZIP files it is stored as a file
+ Format of the resulting archive: 'tar', 'zip'...
+ Show all available formats.
+ Prepend <prefix>/ to each filename in the archive.
+ This can be any options that the archiver backend understand.
+ Instead of making a tar archive from local repository,
+ retrieve a tar archive from a remote repository.
+ The tree or commit to produce an archive for.
+ If one or more paths are specified, include only these in the
+ archive, otherwise include all files and subdirectories.
+By default, file and directories modes are set to 0666 or 0777 in tar
+archives. It is possible to change this by setting the "umask" variable
+in the repository configuration as follows :
+ umask = 002 ;# group friendly
+The special umask value "user" indicates that the user's current umask
+will be used instead. The default value remains 0, which means world
+readable/writable files and directories.
+git archive --format=tar --prefix=junk/ HEAD | (cd /var/tmp/ && tar xf -)::
+ Create a tar archive that contains the contents of the
+ latest commit on the current branch, and extracts it in
+ `/var/tmp/junk` directory.
+git archive --format=tar --prefix=git-1.4.0/ v1.4.0 | gzip >git-1.4.0.tar.gz::
+ Create a compressed tarball for v1.4.0 release.
+git archive --format=tar --prefix=git-1.4.0/ v1.4.0{caret}\{tree\} | gzip >git-1.4.0.tar.gz::
+ Create a compressed tarball for v1.4.0 release, but without a
+ global extended pax header.
+git archive --format=zip --prefix=git-docs/ HEAD:Documentation/ >
+ Put everything in the current head's Documentation/ directory
+ into '', with the prefix 'git-docs/'.
+Written by Franck Bui-Huu and Rene Scharfe.
+Documentation by David Greaves, Junio C Hamano and the git-list <>.
+Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite