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[PATCH] archimport documentation update
Updated and expanded the command description, and added a reference of the command line options. Signed-off-by: Martin Langhoff <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -8,24 +8,63 @@ git-archimport - Import an arch repository into git
-`git-archimport` [--option...] <args>
+`git-archimport` [ -h ] [ -v ] [ -T ] [ -t tempdir ]
+ <archive/branch> [ <archive/branch> ]
-The script expects you to provide the key roots where it can start the
-import from an 'initial import' or 'tag' type of Arch commit. It will
-then follow all the branching and tagging within the provided roots.
+Imports a project from one or more Arch repositories. It will follow branches
+and repositories within the namespaces defined by the <archive/branch>
+parameters suppplied. If it cannot find the remote branch a merge comes from
+it will just import it as a regular merge. If it can find it, it will perform
+a merge whenever possible.
-It will die if it sees branches that have different roots.
+The script expects you to provide the key roots where it can start the import
+from an 'initial import' or 'tag' type of Arch commit. It will follow and import
+new branches within the provided roots.
+It expects to be dealing with one project only. If it sees
+branches that have different roots, it will refuse to run. In that case, edit your
+<archive/branch> parameters to define clearly the scope of the import.
+`git-archimport` uses `tla` extensively in the background to access the Arch repository.
+Make sure you have a recent version of `tla` available in the path. `tla` must
+know about the repositories you pass to `git-archimport`.
+For the initial import `git-archimport` expects to find itself in an empty
+directory. To follow the development of a project that uses Arch, rerun
+`git-archimport` with the same parameters as the initial import to perform incremental imports.
+of a project using Arch.
+Patch merge data from Arch is used to mark merges in GIT as well. GIT
+does not care much about tracking patches, and only considers a merge when a
+branch incorporates all the commits since the point they forked. The end result
+is that GIT will have a good idea of how far branches have diverged. So the
+import process does lose some patch-trading metadata.
+Fortunately, when you try and merge branches imported from Arch,
+GIT will find a good merge base, and it has a good chance of identifying
+patches that have been traded out-of-sequence between the branches.
- Some option not yet documented.
- Some argument not yet documented.
+ Display usage.
+ Verbose output.
+ Many tags. Will create a tag for every commit, reflecting the commit
+ name in the Arch repository.
+-t <tmpdir>::
+ Override the default tempdir.
+ Archive/branch identifier in a format that `tla log` understands.
@@ -34,7 +73,7 @@ Written by Martin Langhoff <>.
-Documentation by Junio C Hamano and the git-list <>.
+Documentation by Junio C Hamano, Martin Langhoff and the git-list <>.