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Clarify and correct -z
The description for -z is too vague and general for the apply, diff*, and log commands. Change the description of -z for 'git log' to note that commits will be separated by NULs. Change the description of -z for 'git diff*' and 'git apply' to note that it applies to the --numstat option, and for 'git diff*' also for --raw option. Also correct the description of the "munging" of pathanmes that takes place in the absence of -z for the 'git diff*' and 'git apply' commands, namely that apart from the characters mentioned, double quotes will also be escaped and that the pathname will be enclosed in double quotes if any characters are escaped. Signed-off-by: Björn Gustavsson <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -87,11 +87,13 @@ the information is read from the current index instead.
rejected hunks in corresponding *.rej files.
- When showing the index information, do not munge paths,
- but use NUL terminated machine readable format. Without
- this flag, the pathnames output will have TAB, LF, and
- backslash characters replaced with `\t`, `\n`, and `\\`,
- respectively.
+ When `--numstat` has been given, do not munge pathnames,
+ but use a NUL-terminated machine-readable format.
+Without this option, each pathname output will have TAB, LF, double quotes,
+and backslash characters replaced with `\t`, `\n`, `\"`, and `\\`,
+respectively, and the pathname will be enclosed in double quotes if
+any of those replacements occurred.
Remove <n> leading slashes from traditional diff paths. The