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git-am: --binary; document --resume and --binary.
Now git-apply can grok binary replacement patches, give --binary flag to git-am. As a safety measure, this is not by default enabled, so that you do not let malicious e-mailed patch to replace an arbitrary path with just a couple of lines (diff index lines, the filename and string "Binary files "...) by accident. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ git-am - Apply a series of patches in a mailbox
-'git-am' [--signoff] [--dotest=<dir>] [--utf8] [--3way] <mbox>...
-'git-am' [--skip]
+'git-am' [--signoff] [--dotest=<dir>] [--utf8] [--binary] [--3way] <mbox>...
+'git-am' [--skip | --resolved]
@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ OPTIONS
Pass `--utf8` and `--keep` flags to `git-mailinfo` (see
+ Pass `--allow-binary-replacement` flag to `git-apply`
+ (see gitlink:git-apply[1]).
When the patch does not apply cleanly, fall back on
3-way merge, if the patch records the identity of blobs
@@ -44,6 +48,13 @@ OPTIONS
Run interactively, just like git-applymbox.
+ After a patch failure (e.g. attempting to apply
+ conflicting patch), the user has applied it by hand and
+ the index file stores the result of the application.
+ Make a commit using the authorship and commit log
+ extracted from the e-mail message and the current index
+ file, and continue.
@@ -56,12 +67,9 @@ recover from this in one of two ways:
. skip the current one by re-running the command with '--skip'
-. hand resolve the conflict in the working directory, run 'git
- diff HEAD' to extract the merge result into a patch form and
- replacing the patch in .dotest/patch file. After doing this,
- run `git-reset --hard HEAD` to bring the working tree to the
- state before half-applying the patch, then re-run the command
- without any options.
+. hand resolve the conflict in the working directory, and update
+ the index file to bring it in a state that the patch should
+ have produced. Then run the command with '--resume' option.
The command refuses to process new mailboxes while `.dotest`
directory exists, so if you decide to start over from scratch,