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Merge branch 'jk/asciidoc-markup-fix'
Various documentation mark-up fixes to make the output more consistent in general and also make AsciiDoctor (an alternative formatter) happier. * jk/asciidoc-markup-fix: doc: convert AsciiDoc {?foo} to ifdef::foo[] doc: put example URLs and emails inside literal backticks doc: drop backslash quoting of some curly braces doc: convert \--option to --option doc/add: reformat `--edit` option doc: fix length of underlined section-title doc: fix hanging "+"-continuation doc: fix unquoted use of "{type}" doc: fix misrendering due to `single quote'
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@@ -93,7 +93,8 @@ This effectively runs `add --interactive`, but bypasses the
initial command menu and directly jumps to the `patch` subcommand.
See ``Interactive mode'' for details.
--e, \--edit::
Open the diff vs. the index in an editor and let the user
edit it. After the editor was closed, adjust the hunk headers
and apply the patch to the index.