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Merge branch 'js/fetch-jobs'
"git fetch --jobs=<n>" allowed <n> parallel jobs when fetching submodules, but this did not apply to "git fetch --multiple" that fetches from multiple remote repositories. It now does. * js/fetch-jobs: fetch: let --jobs=<n> parallelize --multiple, too
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- Number of parallel children to be used for fetching submodules.
- Each will fetch from different submodules, such that fetching many
- submodules will be faster. By default submodules will be fetched
- one at a time.
+ Number of parallel children to be used for all forms of fetching.
+If the `--multiple` option was specified, the different remotes will be fetched
+in parallel. If multiple submodules are fetched, they will be fetched in
+parallel. To control them independently, use the config settings
+`fetch.parallel` and `submodule.fetchJobs` (see linkgit:git-config[1]).
+Typically, parallel recursive and multi-remote fetches will be faster. By
+default fetches are performed sequentially, not in parallel.
Disable recursive fetching of submodules (this has the same effect as