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maintenance: replace run_auto_gc()
The run_auto_gc() method is used in several places to trigger a check for repo maintenance after some Git commands, such as 'git commit' or 'git fetch'. To allow for extra customization of this maintenance activity, replace the 'git gc --auto [--quiet]' call with one to 'git maintenance run --auto [--quiet]'. As we extend the maintenance builtin with other steps, users will be able to select different maintenance activities. Rename run_auto_gc() to run_auto_maintenance() to be clearer what is happening on this call, and to expose all callers in the current diff. Rewrite the method to use a struct child_process to simplify the calls slightly. Since 'git fetch' already allows disabling the 'git gc --auto' subprocess, add an equivalent option with a different name to be more descriptive of the new behavior: '--[no-]maintenance'. Update the documentation to include these options at the same time. Signed-off-by: Derrick Stolee <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -95,9 +95,11 @@ ifndef::git-pull[]
Allow several <repository> and <group> arguments to be
specified. No <refspec>s may be specified.
- Run `git gc --auto` at the end to perform garbage collection
- if needed. This is enabled by default.
+ Run `git maintenance run --auto` at the end to perform automatic
+ repository maintenance if needed. (`--[no-]auto-gc` is a synonym.)
+ This is enabled by default.
Write a commit-graph after fetching. This overrides the config