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fetch: add --prefetch option
The --prefetch option will be used by the 'prefetch' maintenance task instead of sending refspecs explicitly across the command-line. The intention is to modify the refspec to place all results in refs/prefetch/ instead of anywhere else. Create helper method filter_prefetch_refspec() to modify a given refspec to fit the rules expected of the prefetch task: * Negative refspecs are preserved. * Refspecs without a destination are removed. * Refspecs whose source starts with "refs/tags/" are removed. * Other refspecs are placed within "refs/prefetch/". Finally, we add the 'force' option to ensure that prefetch refs are replaced as necessary. There are some interesting cases that are worth testing. An earlier version of this change dropped the "i--" from the loop that deletes a refspec item and shifts the remaining entries down. This allowed some refspecs to not be modified. The subtle part about the first --prefetch test is that the "refs/tags/*" refspec appears directly before the "refs/heads/bogus/*" refspec. Without that "i--", this ordering would remove the "refs/tags/*" refspec and leave the last one unmodified, placing the result in "refs/heads/*". It is possible to have an empty refspec. This is typically the case for remotes other than the origin, where users want to fetch a specific tag or branch. To correctly test this case, we need to further remove the upstream remote for the local branch. Thus, we are testing a refspec that will be deleted, leaving nothing to fetch. Helped-by: Tom Saeger <> Helped-by: Ramsay Jones <> Signed-off-by: Derrick Stolee <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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setting `fetch.writeCommitGraph`.
+ Modify the configured refspec to place all refs into the
+ `refs/prefetch/` namespace. See the `prefetch` task in
+ linkgit:git-maintenance[1].
Before fetching, remove any remote-tracking references that no