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Merge branch 'rc/fetch-refetch'
"git fetch --refetch" learned to fetch everything without telling the other side what we already have, which is useful when you cannot trust what you have in the local object store. * rc/fetch-refetch: docs: mention --refetch fetch option fetch: after refetch, encourage auto gc repacking t5615-partial-clone: add test for fetch --refetch fetch: add --refetch option builtin/fetch-pack: add --refetch option fetch-pack: add refetch fetch-negotiator: add specific noop initializer
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behavior for a remote may be specified with the remote.<name>.tagOpt
setting. See linkgit:git-config[1].
+ Instead of negotiating with the server to avoid transferring commits and
+ associated objects that are already present locally, this option fetches
+ all objects as a fresh clone would. Use this to reapply a partial clone
+ filter from configuration or using `--filter=` when the filter
+ definition has changed. Automatic post-fetch maintenance will perform
+ object database pack consolidation to remove any duplicate objects.
When fetching refs listed on the command line, use the
specified refspec (can be given more than once) to map the