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Documentation: fix linkgit references
There are a handful of incorrect "linkgit:<page>[<section>]" instances in our documentation set. * Some have an extra colon after "linkgit:"; fix them by removing the extra colon; * Some refer to a page outside the Git suite, namely curl(1); fix them by using the `curl(1)` that already appears on the same page for the same purpose of referring the readers to its manual page. * Some spell the name of the page incorrectly, e.g. "rev-list" when they mean "git-rev-list"; fix them. * Some list the manual section incorrectly; fix them to make sure they match what is at the top of the target of the link. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Everyday Git With 20 Commands Or So
-This document has been moved to linkgit:giteveryday[1].
+This document has been moved to linkgit:giteveryday[7].
Please let the owners of the referring site know so that they can update the
link you clicked to get here.