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-The diff commands git-diff-index, git-diff-files, git-diff-tree, and
-git-diff-stages can be told to manipulate differences they find in
+The diff commands git-diff-index, git-diff-files, and git-diff-tree
+can be told to manipulate differences they find in
unconventional ways before showing diff(1) output. The manipulation
is collectively called "diffcore transformation". This short note
describes what they are and how to use them to produce diff outputs
@@ -30,9 +30,6 @@ files:
- git-diff-tree compares contents of two "tree" objects;
- - git-diff-stages compares contents of blobs at two stages in an
- unmerged index file.
In all of these cases, the commands themselves compare
corresponding paths in the two sets of files. The result of
comparison is passed from these commands to what is internally