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Merge branch 'nd/diff-stat-with-summary'
"git diff" and friends learned "--compact-summary" that shows the information usually given with the "--summary" option on the same line as the diffstat output of the "--stat" option (which saves vertical space and keeps info on a single path at the same place). * nd/diff-stat-with-summary: diff: add --compact-summary diff.c: refactor pprint_rename() to use strbuf
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@@ -128,6 +128,14 @@ have to use `--diff-algorithm=default` option.
These parameters can also be set individually with `--stat-width=<width>`,
`--stat-name-width=<name-width>` and `--stat-count=<count>`.
+ Output a condensed summary of extended header information such
+ as file creations or deletions ("new" or "gone", optionally "+l"
+ if it's a symlink) and mode changes ("+x" or "-x" for adding
+ or removing executable bit respectively) in diffstat. The
+ information is put betwen the filename part and the graph
+ part. Implies `--stat`.
Similar to `--stat`, but shows number of added and
deleted lines in decimal notation and pathname without