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Merge "two fixes for fast-import's 'ls' command" from Jonathan
Andrew Sayers noticed that the svn-fe | git fast-import pipeline mishandles a subversion history that copies the root directory to a sub-directory (e.g. doing `svn cp . trunk` to standardise your layout). As David Barr explained, the bug arises when the following command is sent to git fast-import: 'ls' SP ':1' SP LF Instead of reading back what is at the root of r1, it unconditionally reports the path as missing. After sleeping on it, here are two patches for 'maint'. One plugs a memory leak. The other ensures that trying to pass an empty path to the 'ls' command results in an error message that can help the frontend author instead of the silently broken conversion Andrew found. Then we can carefully add 'ls ""' support in 1.7.11. * commit 'refs/pull-request-tags/jn/maint-fast-import-empty-ls': fast-import: don't allow 'ls' of path with empty components fast-import: leakfix for 'ls' of dirty trees
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