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with --exit-code.
- Highlight whitespace errors on lines specified by <kind>
- in the color specified by `color.diff.whitespace`. <kind>
- is a comma separated list of `old`, `new`, `context`. When
- this option is not given, only whitespace errors in `new`
- lines are highlighted. E.g. `--ws-error-highlight=new,old`
- highlights whitespace errors on both deleted and added lines.
- `all` can be used as a short-hand for `old,new,context`.
- The `diff.wsErrorHighlight` configuration variable can be
- used to specify the default behaviour.
+ Highlight whitespace errors in the `context`, `old` or `new`
+ lines of the diff. Multiple values are separated by comma,
+ `none` resets previous values, `default` reset the list to
+ `new` and `all` is a shorthand for `old,new,context`. When
+ this option is not given, and the configuration variable
+ `diff.wsErrorHighlight` is not set, only whitespace errors in
+ `new` lines are highlighted. The whitespace errors are colored
+ whith `color.diff.whitespace`.