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Merge branch 'jt/diff-color-move-fix'
A handful of bugfixes and an improvement to "diff --color-moved". * jt/diff-color-move-fix: diff: define block by number of alphanumeric chars diff: respect MIN_BLOCK_LENGTH for last block diff: avoid redundantly clearing a flag
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moved line, but it is not very useful in a review to determine
if a block of code was moved without permutation.
- Blocks of moved code are detected greedily. The detected blocks are
+ Blocks of moved text of at least 20 alphanumeric characters
+ are detected greedily. The detected blocks are
painted using either the 'color.diff.{old,new}Moved' color or
'color.diff.{old,new}MovedAlternative'. The change between
- the two colors indicates that a new block was detected. If there
- are fewer than 3 adjacent moved lines, they are not marked up
- as moved, but the regular colors 'color.diff.{old,new}' will be
- used.
+ the two colors indicates that a new block was detected.
Similar to 'zebra', but additional dimming of uninteresting parts
of moved code is performed. The bordering lines of two adjacent