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git-diff.txt: add section "output format" describing the diff formats
git-diff.txt includes diff-options.txt which for the -p option refers to a section "generating patches.." which is missing from the git-diff documentation. This patch adapts diff-format.txt to additionally mention the git-diff program, and includes diff-format.txt into git-diff.txt. Tino Keitel noticed this problem. Signed-off-by: Gerrit Pape <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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-The output format from "git-diff-index", "git-diff-tree" and
-"git-diff-files" are very similar.
+The output format from "git-diff-index", "git-diff-tree",
+"git-diff-files" and "git diff --raw" are very similar.
These commands all compare two sets of things; what is
compared differs:
@@ -62,7 +62,8 @@ respectively.
diff format for merges
-"git-diff-tree" and "git-diff-files" can take '-c' or '--cc' option
+"git-diff-tree", "git-diff-files" and "git-diff --raw"
+can take '-c' or '--cc' option
to generate diff output also for merge commits. The output differs
from the format described above in the following way:
@@ -86,10 +87,10 @@ Generating patches with -p
When "git-diff-index", "git-diff-tree", or "git-diff-files" are run
-with a '-p' option, they do not produce the output described above;
-instead they produce a patch file. You can customize the creation
-of such patches via the GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF and the GIT_DIFF_OPTS
-environment variables.
+with a '-p' option, or "git diff" without the '--raw' option, they
+do not produce the output described above; instead they produce a
+patch file. You can customize the creation of such patches via the
+GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF and the GIT_DIFF_OPTS environment variables.
What the -p option produces is slightly different from the traditional
diff format.
@@ -137,8 +138,8 @@ file made it into the new one.
combined diff format
-git-diff-tree and git-diff-files can take '-c' or '--cc' option
-to produce 'combined diff', which looks like this:
+"git-diff-tree", "git-diff-files" and "git-diff" can take '-c' or
+'--cc' option to produce 'combined diff', which looks like this:
diff --combined describe.c