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Merge branch 'mm/diff-renames-default'
The end-user facing Porcelain level commands like "diff" and "log" now enables the rename detection by default. * mm/diff-renames-default: diff: activate diff.renames by default log: introduce init_log_defaults() t: add tests for diff.renames (true/false/unset) t4001-diff-rename: wrap file creations in a test Documentation/diff-config: fix description of diff.renames
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@@ -108,9 +108,13 @@ diff.renameLimit::
detection; equivalent to the 'git diff' option '-l'.
- Tells Git to detect renames. If set to any boolean value, it
- will enable basic rename detection. If set to "copies" or
- "copy", it will detect copies, as well.
+ Whether and how Git detects renames. If set to "false",
+ rename detection is disabled. If set to "true", basic rename
+ detection is enabled. If set to "copies" or "copy", Git will
+ detect copies, as well. Defaults to true. Note that this
+ affects only 'git diff' Porcelain like linkgit:git-diff[1] and
+ linkgit:git-log[1], and not lower level commands such as
+ linkgit:git-diff-files[1].
A boolean to inhibit the standard behavior of printing a space