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@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ $ git-cat-file -t 557db03de997c86a4a028e1ebd3a1ceb225be238
where the `-t` tells `git-cat-file` to tell you what the "type" of the
-object is. git will tell you that you have a "blob" object (ie just a
+object is. git will tell you that you have a "blob" object (i.e., just a
regular file), and you can see the contents with
@@ -619,7 +619,7 @@ $ git tag -s <tagname>
which will sign the current `HEAD` (but you can also give it another
-argument that specifies the thing to tag, ie you could have tagged the
+argument that specifies the thing to tag, i.e., you could have tagged the
current `mybranch` point by using `git tag <tagname> mybranch`).
You normally only do signed tags for major releases or things
@@ -1097,7 +1097,7 @@ commit object by downloading from `repo.git/objects/xx/xxx\...`
using the object name of that commit object. Then it reads the
commit object to find out its parent commits and the associate
tree object; it repeats this process until it gets all the
-necessary objects. Because of this behaviour, they are
+necessary objects. Because of this behavior, they are
sometimes also called 'commit walkers'.
The 'commit walkers' are sometimes also called 'dumb