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Color support for "git-add -i"
This is mostly lifted from earlier series by Dan Zwell, but updated to use "git config --get-color" and "git config --get-colorbool" to make it simpler and more consistent with commands written in C. A new configuration color.interactive variable is like color.diff and color.status, and controls if "git-add -i" uses color. A set of configuration variables, color.interactive.<slot>, are used to define what color is used for the prompt, header, and help text. For perl scripts, provides $repo->get_color() method, which takes the slot name and the default color, and returns the terminal escape sequence to color the output text. $repo->get_colorbool() method can be used to check if color is set to be used for a given operation. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -391,6 +391,18 @@ color.diff.<slot>::
whitespace). The values of these variables may be specified as
in color.branch.<slot>.
+ When set to `always`, always use colors in `git add --interactive`.
+ When false (or `never`), never. When set to `true` or `auto`, use
+ colors only when the output is to the terminal. Defaults to false.
+ Use customized color for `git add --interactive`
+ output. `<slot>` may be `prompt`, `header`, or `help`, for
+ three distinct types of normal output from interactive
+ programs. The values of these variables may be specified as
+ in color.branch.<slot>.
A boolean to enable/disable colored output when the pager is in
use (default is true).