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core.whitespace: cr-at-eol
This new error mode allows a line to have a carriage return at the end of the line when checking and fixing trailing whitespace errors. Some people like to keep CRLF line ending recorded in the repository, and still want to take advantage of the automated trailing whitespace stripping. We still show ^M in the diff output piped to "less" to remind them that they do have the CR at the end, but these carriage return characters at the end are no longer flagged as errors. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -308,6 +308,10 @@ core.whitespace::
error (enabled by default).
* `indent-with-non-tab` treats a line that is indented with 8 or more
space characters as an error (not enabled by default).
+* `cr-at-eol` treats a carriage-return at the end of line as
+ part of the line terminator, i.e. with it, `trailing-space`
+ does not trigger if the character before such a carriage-return
+ is not a whitespace (not enabled by default).
Command aliases for the linkgit:git[1] command wrapper - e.g.