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git-am: Add command line parameter `--keep-cr` passing it to git-mailsplit
c2ca1d7 (Allow mailsplit (and hence git-am) to handle mails with CRLF line-endings, 2009-08-04) fixed "git mailsplit" to help people with MUA whose output from save-as command uses CRLF as line terminators by stripping CR at the end of lines. However, when you know you are feeding output from "git format-patch" directly to "git am", and especially when your contents have CR at the end of line, such stripping is undesirable. To help such a use case, teach --keep-cr option to "git am" and pass that to "git mailinfo". Signed-off-by: Stefan-W. Hahn <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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