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Merge branch 'nd/fetch-ref-summary'
Improve the look of the way "git fetch" reports what happened to each ref that was fetched. * nd/fetch-ref-summary: fetch: reduce duplicate in ref update status lines with placeholder fetch: align all "remote -> local" output fetch: change flag code for displaying tag update and deleted ref fetch: refactor ref update status formatting code git-fetch.txt: document fetch output
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@@ -1243,6 +1243,11 @@ fetch.prune::
If true, fetch will automatically behave as if the `--prune`
option was given on the command line. See also `remote.<name>.prune`.
+ Control how ref update status is printed. Valid values are
+ `full` and `compact`. Default value is `full`. See section
+ OUTPUT in linkgit:git-fetch[1] for detail.
Enable multipart/mixed attachments as the default for
'format-patch'. The value can also be a double quoted string