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+ Reads a "diff -up1" or git generated patch file and
+ applies it to the working tree.
+ Copy files from the index to the working tree.
+ Creates a new commit object.
+ Computes the object ID from a file.
+ Build pack idx file for an existing packed archive.
+ Creates an empty git repository, or reinitialize an
+ existing one.
+ Runs a threeway merge.
+ Runs a merge for files needing merging.
+ Creates a tag object.
+ Build a tree-object from ls-tree formatted text.
+ Creates a packed archive of objects.
+ Remove extra objects that are already in pack files.
+ Reads tree information into the index.
+ Get and set options in .git/config.
+ Unpacks objects out of a packed archive.
+ Registers files in the working tree to the index.
+ Creates a tree from the index.