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Update -L documentation for git-blame/git-annotate
Documenting alternate ways to use -L: -L /regex/,end -L start,+offset Signed-off-by: Andrew Ruder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Include additional statistics at the end of blame output.
--L n,m::
- Annotate only the specified line range (lines count from 1).
+-L <start>,<end>::
+ Annotate only the given line range. <start> and <end> can take
+ one of these forms:
+ - number
+If <start> or <end> is a number, it specifies an
+absolute line number (lines count from 1).
+- /regex/
+This form will use the first line matching the given
+POSIX regex. If <end> is a regex, it will search
+starting at the line given by <start>.
+- +offset or -offset
+This is only valid for <end> and will specify a number
+of lines before or after the line given by <start>.
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