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Documentation/SubmittingPatches: Gnus tips
Also warn about format=flowed (aka 'flawed'). Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -72,7 +72,9 @@ other than the commit message itself. Place such "cover letter"
material between the three dash lines and the diffstat.
Do not attach the patch as a MIME attachment, compressed or not.
-Do not let your e-mail client send quoted-printable. Many
+Do not let your e-mail client send quoted-printable. Do not let
+your e-mail client send format=flowed which would destroy
+whitespaces in your patches. Many
popular e-mail applications will not always transmit a MIME
attachment as plain text, making it impossible to comment on
your code. A MIME attachment also takes a bit more time to
@@ -312,3 +314,19 @@ settings but I haven't tried, yet.
mail.identity.default.compose_html => false => false
+'|' in the *Summary* buffer can be used to pipe the current
+message to an external program, and this is a handy way to drive
+"git am". However, if the message is MIME encoded, what is
+piped into the program is the representation you see in your
+*Article* buffer after unwrapping MIME. This is often not what
+you would want for two reasons. It tends to screw up non ASCII
+characters (most notably in people's names), and also
+whitespaces (fatal in patches). Running 'C-u g' to display the
+message in raw form before using '|' to run the pipe can work
+this problem around.