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Documentation/SubmittingPatches: What's Acked-by and Tested-by?
We used to talk about "internal company procedures", but this document is about submitting patches to the git mailing list. More useful information is when to say Acked-by: and Tested-by:. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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This line can be automatically added by git if you run the git-commit
command with the -s option.
-Some people also put extra tags at the end. They'll just be ignored for
-now, but you can do this to mark internal company procedures or just
-point out some special detail about the sign-off.
+Notice that you can place your own Signed-off-by: line when
+forwarding somebody else's patch with the above rules for
+D-C-O. Indeed you are encouraged to do so. Do not forget to
+place an in-body "From: " line at the beginning to properly attribute
+the change to its true author (see (2) above).
+Some people also put extra tags at the end.
+"Acked-by:" says that the patch was reviewed by the person who
+is more familiar with the issues and the area the patch attempts
+to modify. "Tested-by:" says the patch was tested by the person
+and found to have the desired effect.
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