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Begin SubmittingPatches with a check list
It seems that some people prefer a short list to a long text. But even for the latter group, a quick reminder list is useful. So, add a check list to Documentation/SubmittingPatches of what to do to get your patch accepted. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+Checklist (and a short version for the impatient):
+ - make commits of logical units
+ - check for unnecessary whitespace with "git diff --check"
+ before committing
+ - do not check in commented out code or unneeded files
+ - provide a meaningful commit message
+ - the first line of the commit message should be a short
+ description and should skip the full stop
+ - if you want your work included in git.git, add a
+ "Signed-off-by: Your Name <>" line to the
+ commit message (or just use the option "-s" when
+ committing) to confirm that you agree to the Developer's
+ Certificate of Origin
+ - do not PGP sign your patch
+ - use "git format-patch -M" to create the patch
+ - do not attach your patch, but read in the mail
+ body, unless you cannot teach your mailer to
+ leave the formatting of the patch alone.
+ - be careful doing cut & paste into your mailer, not to
+ corrupt whitespaces.
+ - provide additional information (which is unsuitable for
+ the commit message) between the "---" and the diffstat
+ - send the patch to the list _and_ the maintainer
+Long version:
I started reading over the SubmittingPatches document for Linux
kernel, primarily because I wanted to have a document similar to
it for the core GIT to make sure people understand what they are