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Git 2.20.2v2.20.2
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+Git v2.20.2 Release Notes
+This release merges up the fixes that appear in v2.14.6, v2.15.4
+and in v2.17.3, addressing the security issues CVE-2019-1348,
+CVE-2019-1349, CVE-2019-1350, CVE-2019-1351, CVE-2019-1352,
+CVE-2019-1353, CVE-2019-1354, and CVE-2019-1387; see the release notes
+for those versions for details.
+The change to disallow `submodule.<name>.update=!command` entries in
+`.gitmodules` which was introduced v2.15.4 (and for which v2.17.3
+added explicit fsck checks) fixes the vulnerability in v2.20.x where a
+recursive clone followed by a submodule update could execute code
+contained within the repository without the user explicitly having
+asked for that (CVE-2019-19604).
+Credit for finding this vulnerability goes to Joern Schneeweisz,
+credit for the fixes goes to Jonathan Nieder.