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Git 2.30.3v2.30.3
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+Git v2.30.2 Release Notes
+This release addresses the security issue CVE-2022-24765.
+Fixes since v2.30.2
+ * Build fix on Windows.
+ * Fix `GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES` with Windows-style root directories.
+ * CVE-2022-24765:
+ On multi-user machines, Git users might find themselves
+ unexpectedly in a Git worktree, e.g. when another user created a
+ repository in `C:\.git`, in a mounted network drive or in a
+ scratch space. Merely having a Git-aware prompt that runs `git
+ status` (or `git diff`) and navigating to a directory which is
+ supposedly not a Git worktree, or opening such a directory in an
+ editor or IDE such as VS Code or Atom, will potentially run
+ commands defined by that other user.
+Credit for finding this vulnerability goes to 俞晨东; The fix was
+authored by Johannes Schindelin.