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+Git v2.3.5 Release Notes
+Fixes since v2.3.4
+ * The prompt script (in contrib/) did not show the untracked sign
+ when working in a subdirectory without any untracked files.
+ * Even though "git grep --quiet" is run merely to ask for the exit
+ status, we spawned the pager regardless. Stop doing that.
+ * Recommend format-patch and send-email for those who want to submit
+ patches to this project.
+ * An failure early in the "git clone" that started creating the
+ working tree and repository could have resulted in some directories
+ and files left without getting cleaned up.
+ * "git fetch" that fetches a commit using the allow-tip-sha1-in-want
+ extension could have failed to fetch all the requested refs.
+ * The split-index mode introduced at v2.3.0-rc0~41 was broken in the
+ codepath to protect us against a broken reimplementation of Git
+ that writes an invalid index with duplicated index entries, etc.
+ * "git prune" used to largely ignore broken refs when deciding which
+ objects are still being used, which could spread an existing small
+ damage and make it a larger one.
+ * "git tag -h" used to show the "--column" and "--sort" options
+ that are about listing in a wrong section.
+ * The transfer.hiderefs support did not quite work for smart-http
+ transport.
+ * The code that reads from the ctags file in the completion script
+ (in contrib/) did not spell ${param/pattern/string} substitution
+ correctly, which happened to work with bash but not with zsh.
+Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code clean-ups.