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Update draft release notes to 2.2
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -25,6 +25,15 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
Performance, Internal Implementation, etc.
+ * The API to manipulate the "refs" is currently undergoing a revamp
+ to make it more transactional, with the eventual goal to allow
+ all-or-none atomic updates and migrating the storage to something
+ other than the traditional filesystem based one (e.g. databases).
+ * We no longer attempt to keep track of individual dependencies to
+ the header files in the build procedure, relying on automated
+ dependency generation support from modern compilers.
* In tests, we have been using NOT_{MINGW,CYGWIN} test prerequisites
long before negated prerequisites e.g. !MINGW were invented.
The former has been converted to the latter to avoid confusion.
@@ -37,12 +46,25 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, etc.
to update the file again while still holding the lock, but the
lockfile API lacked support for such an access pattern.
+ * The API to allocate the structure to keep track of commit
+ decoration has been updated to make it less cumbersome to use.
* An in-core caching layer to let us avoid reading the same
- configuration files number of times has been added.
+ configuration files number of times has been added. A few commands
+ have been converted to use this subsystem.
* Various code paths have been cleaned up and simplified by using
"strbuf", "starts_with()", and "skip_prefix()" APIs more.
+ * A few codepaths that died when large blobs that would not fit in
+ core are involved in their operation have been taught to punt
+ instead, by e.g. marking too large a blob as not to be diffed.
+ * A few more code paths in "commit" and "checkout" have been taught
+ to repopulate the cache-tree in the index, to help speed up later
+ "write-tree" (used in "commit") and "diff-index --cached" (used in
+ "status").
Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
@@ -89,3 +111,22 @@ notes for details).
* Pack-protocol documentation had a minor typo.
(merge 5d146f7 sp/pack-protocol-doc-on-shallow later to maint).
+ * "git checkout -m" did not switch to another branch while carrying
+ the local changes forward when a path was deleted from the index.
+ (merge 6a143aa jn/unpack-trees-checkout-m-carry-deletion later to maint).
+ * With sufficiently long refnames, "git fast-import" could have
+ overflown an on-stack buffer.
+ (merge c252785 jk/fast-import-fixes later to maint).
+ * After "pack-refs --prune" packed refs at the top-level, it failed
+ to prune them.
+ (merge afd11d3 jk/prune-top-level-refs-after-packing later to maint).
+ * Progress output from "git gc --auto" was visible in "git fetch -q".
+ (merge 6fceed3 nd/fetch-pass-quiet-to-gc-child-process later to maint).
+ * We used to pass -1000 to poll(2), expecting it to also mean "no
+ timeout", which should be spelled as -1.
+ (merge 6c71f8b et/spell-poll-infinite-with-minus-one-only later to maint).