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Sync with 2.17.2
* maint-2.17: Git 2.17.2 fsck: detect submodule paths starting with dash fsck: detect submodule urls starting with dash Git 2.16.5 Git 2.15.3 Git 2.14.5 submodule-config: ban submodule paths that start with a dash submodule-config: ban submodule urls that start with dash submodule--helper: use "--" to signal end of clone options
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+Git v2.17.2 Release Notes
+This release merges up the fixes that appear in v2.14.5 to address
+the recently reported CVE-2018-17456; see the release notes for that
+version for details.
+In addition, this release also teaches "fsck" and the server side
+logic to reject pushes to repositories that attempt to create such a
+problematic ".gitmodules" file as tracked contents, to help hosting
+sites protect their customers by preventing malicious contents from