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Git 2.1.2v2.1.2
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+Git v2.1.2 Release Notes
+ * "git push" over HTTP transport had an artificial limit on number of
+ refs that can be pushed imposed by the command line length.
+ * When receiving an invalid pack stream that records the same object
+ twice, multiple threads got confused due to a race.
+ * An attempt to remove the entire tree in the "git fast-import" input
+ stream caused it to misbehave.
+ * Reachability check (used in "git prune" and friends) did not add a
+ detached HEAD as a starting point to traverse objects still in use.
+ * "git config --add section.var val" used to lose existing
+ section.var whose value was an empty string.
+ * "git fsck" failed to report that it found corrupt objects via its
+ exit status in some cases.