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+Git v1.7.9.4 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.7.9.3
+ * The code to synthesize the fake ancestor tree used by 3-way merge
+ fallback in "git am" was not prepared to read a patch created with
+ a non-standard -p<num> value.
+ * "git bundle" did not record boundary commits correctly when there
+ are many of them.
+ * "git diff-index" and its friends at the plumbing level showed the
+ "diff --git" header and nothing else for a path whose cached stat
+ info is dirty without actual difference when asked to produce a
+ patch. This was a longstanding bug that we could have fixed long
+ time ago.
+ * "gitweb" did use quotemeta() to prepare search string when asked to
+ do a fixed-string project search, but did not use it by mistake and
+ used the user-supplied string instead.
+Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.