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Update draft release notes to 1.7.5
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -10,12 +10,25 @@ Updates since v1.7.4
* Various vcs-svn enhancements.
+ * Update to more modern HP-UX port.
+ * "git apply -v" reports offset lines when the patch does not apply at
+ the exact location recorded in the diff output.
+ * "git branch --track" (and "git checkout --track --branch") used to
+ allow setting up a random non-branch that does not make sense to follow
+ as the "upstream". The command correctly diagnoses it as an error.
* "git config" used to be also known as "git repo-config", but the old
name is now officially deprecated.
* "git checkout --detach <commit>" is a more user friendly synonym for
"git checkout <commit>^0".
+ * "git checkout" performed on detached HEAD gives a warning and an
+ advice when the commit being left behind will become unreachable from
+ any branch or tag.
* "git cherry-pick" and "git revert" can be told to use custom merge
strategy, similar to "git rebase".
@@ -23,15 +36,23 @@ Updates since v1.7.4
stopped by conflicts, making it unnecessary to use "commit -c $commit"
to conclude it.
+ * "git cvsimport" bails out immediately when the cvs server cannot be
+ reached, without spewing unnecessary error messages that complain about
+ the server response it never got.
* "git grep --no-index" did not honor pathspecs correctly, returning
paths outside the specified area.
+ * "git log" family of commands now understand globbing pathspecs. You
+ can say "git log -- '*.txt'" for example.
* "git rev-list --objects $revs -- $pathspec" would limit the objects listed
in its output properly with the pathspec, in preparation for narrow
- * "git log" family of commands now understand globbing pathspecs. You
- can say "git log -- '*.txt'" for example.
+ * "git push" with no parameters gives better advice messages when
+ "tracking" is used as the push.default semantics or there is no remote
+ configured yet.
* "git rerere" learned a new subcommand "remaining", that is similar to
"status" that lists the paths that had conflicts that are known to
@@ -52,6 +73,15 @@ Fixes since v1.7.4
All of the fixes in the v1.7.4.X maintenance series are included in this
release, unless otherwise noted.
+ * We used to keep one file descriptor open for each and every packfile
+ that we have a mmap window on it (read: "in use"), even when for very
+ tiny packfiles. We now close the file descriptor early when the entire
+ packfile fits inside one mmap window.
+ * "git apply" used to confuse lines updated by previous hunks as lines
+ that existed before when applying a hunk, contributing misapplication
+ of patches with offsets.
* "git clone /no/such/path" did not fail correctly (jk/fail-null/clone).
* "git checkout $other_branch" silently removed untracked symbolic links
@@ -75,6 +105,6 @@ release, unless otherwise noted.
exec >/var/tmp/1
echo O=$(git describe 'master')
git shortlog --no-merges ^maint ^$O master